Doggy Sleepovers

Doggy Sleepovers

What Are Doggy Sleepovers?

Let us continue to provide quality care for your dog while you're away on business or vacationing. Doggy Sleepovers include all the fun of daycare, with a night in our sleepover suite, with one of our loving staff. Day or night, weekday or weekends, we CARE for your dog.

Why Choose Doggy Sleepovers?

Allow us to continue providing excellent care for your pet during the night as well. No new dogs or people to meet. The limited change to your dog's routine will help ease your absence; providing you with the comfort and confidence to enjoy your trip without worrying about your dog.

What Does It Cost?

Contact us for a quote and availability. We reserve the right to refuse any dogs not suitable for our facility.
Any 24 hour period is $40.00 plus GST. Daycare is included with this price.

Sleepover requirements are the same as daycare requirements.